State Farm Insurance Adjuster Certification Guide

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State Farm Insurance offers a specialized certification program for property adjusters. This certification is essential for individuals who wish to work as independent adjusters and assist with property claims, particularly those related to events such as hurricanes or natural disasters. In this article, we will explore what the State Farm Property Adjuster Certification entails, how to obtain it, and the significance of passing the certification exam.

What is the Property Certification Course Like?

The State Farm Property Certification Course is a comprehensive 2-day process designed to equip adjusters with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle property claims effectively. The course covers various aspects of property insurance, including policy coverage, claim evaluation, estimation, and settlement procedures. Participants can expect to receive in-depth training on State Farm’s policies and procedures, as well as the tools and technologies used in the claims management process.

How to Get the State Farm Adjuster Certification

To become State Farm Certified as an independent adjuster, individuals must attend the certification and testing events organized by IA (independent adjuster) firms approved by State Farm. Here are the steps to obtain the State Farm Adjuster Certification:

  • Hold an adjuster license: First, aspiring adjusters need to hold a valid adjuster license in their home state or designated home state. This license demonstrates their knowledge and proficiency in handling insurance claims.

  • Join IA firm rosters: Adjusters must join the rosters of IA firms that provide services to State Farm. These firms act as intermediaries between State Farm and independent adjusters, facilitating the certification process and connecting adjusters with claim opportunities.

  • Register for testing events: After joining an IA firm roster, adjusters can register for State Farm Certification Testing Events. These events are organized periodically and provide adjusters with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through a comprehensive exam.

  • Attend the certification process: The certification process typically takes place over two days. The first day involves an initial 6-hour instructor-led training session where participants learn about State Farm’s policies, procedures, and expectations. On the second day, adjusters take the certification exam administered by approved IA firms.

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Passing the State Farm Certification

To successfully pass the State Farm Certification, adjusters must take the exam with one of the hiring independent adjuster firms approved by State Farm. These firms have the expertise and authorization to conduct the certification exam and evaluate adjusters’ knowledge and abilities. The exam evaluates adjusters’ understanding of property insurance, claim handling processes, estimation techniques, and State Farm-specific guidelines.

It’s important to note that completing the State Farm Certification is mandatory for adjusters who wish to work on property claims with State Farm. By obtaining this certification, adjusters demonstrate their competence in handling property claims and their commitment to upholding State Farm’s standards of excellence.


In conclusion, the State Farm Property Adjuster Certification is a vital credential for independent adjusters looking to work on property claims with State Farm. By completing the certification course and passing the exam, adjusters showcase their expertise in handling property insurance claims and their alignment with State Farm’s policies and procedures.

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Remember, obtaining the State Farm Adjuster Certification is a crucial step towards building a successful career as an independent adjuster. By investing in your professional development and acquiring the necessary skills, you can position yourself as a reliable and knowledgeable resource for property insurance claims.