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Erie Insurance Arena Seating Chart Poster

The Erie Insurance Arena is a popular venue that hosts various events, including concerts, sporting events, and more. To ensure a seamless experience for attendees, the venue provides a detailed seating chart that allows guests to choose their preferred seats. In this article, we will explore the Erie Insurance Arena seating chart, providing all the necessary information to make your visit enjoyable.

What is the Erie Insurance Arena seating chart?

The Erie Insurance Arena seating chart is a visual representation of the seating layout and arrangement within the venue. It provides an overview of different sections, rows, and seat numbers, enabling attendees to select their desired seats for an event. The seating chart helps guests plan their visit and ensures a clear understanding of the venue’s layout.

Understanding the Erie Insurance Arena seating chart

The seating chart at the Erie Insurance Arena is divided into multiple sections, each catering to different seating preferences and ticket prices. Let’s explore some of the key sections and their features:

  • Arena bowl seating: The arena bowl seating is located in sections 101/201 – 107/207 and offers a panoramic view of the entire venue. With a seating capacity of 2296, these seats provide an immersive experience and are highly sought after.

  • Sections 208 – 214: Including these sections, the seating capacity ranges from 208 to 214. These sections offer a slightly elevated view, providing a different perspective of the event. Guests seated in these sections can enjoy an excellent vantage point.

  • Erie Insurance Arena site map: To get a better understanding of the layout, you can refer to the Erie Insurance Arena site map, which provides a detailed representation of the venue. It highlights the various sections and their locations, allowing you to navigate the arena with ease.

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Interactive seating maps and views

To enhance the ticket-buying experience and provide accurate seat information, the Erie Insurance Arena offers interactive seating maps and views from different sections. These maps allow you to visualize your seating options and make an informed decision based on your preferences. By exploring the interactive seating maps, you can find seats that offer optimal views and proximity to the stage or event area.

Purchasing tickets and additional information

To purchase tickets for events at the Erie Insurance Arena, you can visit their official website or contact their box office directly. The box office accepts various methods of payment, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, checks, and cash. It’s important to note that checks are accepted with proper identification up to the tenth business day prior to a performance. Refunds or exchanges are not available for ticket purchases.


In conclusion, the Erie Insurance Arena seating chart provides a comprehensive guide for attendees to choose their preferred seats. With various sections and seating options, guests can find the perfect spot to enjoy their favorite events. As you plan your visit to the Erie Insurance Arena, consider referring to the interactive seating maps and using the site map for easy navigation. And for the best ticket purchasing experience, explore the official website or reach out to the box office directly. Enjoy your time at the Erie Insurance Arena!

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Erie Insurance Arena Seating Chart Poster

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